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Our golf course management computer software and point of sale system’s intuitive user interface makes it ridiculously straightforward to master. You could possibly even discover yourself truly enjoying it.

Obtaining a tee sheet integrated into the POS permits you to acquire rid of tee time SKUs, which implies that you'll be able to finally report a lot more accurately against tee occasions, so that it is possible to do clever things like show what process individuals are likely to use when making a payment, what items and solutions they obtain, if they are likely to grab a cart, range balls, and/or rentals once they come in, and you can see it all from a single straightforward UI.

The tech world is moving towards the cloud, and it’s time for the golf industry to catch up. Teesnap permits you to communicate and do organization on any device: desktop, tablet, or cell phone. On best of that you can now do away with the "black box" that made use of to sit inside the back taking up space and heating up the room.

Actually it is possible to throw away any of your old and outdated IT mainly because every thing you can ever require is all compacted onto the iPad.

Teesnap is built for speed and ease of use. With a native tablet app and always-on cellular information, your individuals are no longer tethered to a counter. Absolutely everyone now has access for the pulse of the course. Updates are pushed often and automatically, no IT staff required. And if that is not tempting enough, there's zero cost to you for any hardware or information. Ever.

Teesnap provides you the energy to setup a self-directed sales portal for the channel partners, giving them direct access to conveniently sell tee times although enabling you complete handle over booking restrictions and partner prices. All of it easily trackable in your reporting information.

Utilizing a cloud-based technique permits us to push updates correct onto your system as quick since it is productive. You can under no circumstances must worry about updating Teesnap due to the fact the technique takes care of it on its personal.

Golfers love possessing the capability to book tee instances on their telephone. No have to have to invest all day around the phone or mess with all the hassles of call centers and message services. If you are you looking for more on golf course pos system for retail visit our own internet site. And you don’t must surrender beneficial tee instances just about every day just for the privilege.